A.R.I.I.E it’s an educational institution that facilitates access to 5 programmes:

  1. E.V

Educational Events Video-photography 150$/ for Private or Public Educational Events

  1. E.V.C

Educative Visual Consultancy 150$/ for Public Figures and Educators 

  1. E.T. C.

Educational Text Consultancy  150$/ for National and International Educational Programmes  

  1. F.R.C

Face Reading Courses  150$/ for Young Adults 

  1. E.A.B&W

Educational Art Books & Workbooks on Teaching about Emotions 100$



Oh, how lovely were those days when an ordinary blonde young woman school teacher, dressed in an elegant red suit entered the classroom and checked the homework of lovely smiling students while admiring her shinny black expensive leather high hill shoes. Yes it was easy, it was damn easy to teach like that, live like that-everybody near me was so proud, to nurture your ego and to punish wiping noses when required. My professional success was totally in love with this idea of teaching. Until one day when I decided to give birth to my own inspiring potential. Not a beautiful teacher but the best teacher in the classroom by assessing my skills and abilities to make learning meaningful to every student, to my children, friends, family and community.

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Establishing clear objectives for all learning activities are not only my authority, but a complex relationship between all educational promoters. So, since it is easy for me to predict any kind of behavior when in classroom, at home or in the park, emotions got caught in my camera and told stories of what we do not see, thus enlarging educational acts of all kind, connecting what we think we do with what we actually do.

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Writing as a state of mind, teaching English in state schools and in private (Manager and Founder @ “The Happy Squirrel” Educational Club in Cluj-Napoca) for so long now *12 years, and being a parent of three, increased my ability to create a stimulating teaching environment for me, my children, my students and aware of parents, teachers and children’s emotions by being motivated, enthusiastic and confident that the process of learning is a natural, continuous process, more conscious when visualized.



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Creating positive relationships with my students and my kids are always ensuring that I am up to date with the latest teaching and parenting methods, as well as with my subject knowledge. That is why my educational consultancy, based on the value of image and reality, encompasses a larger definition of terms and it feels more of a didactic use, only afterwords a commercial one. If you are a teacher, parent or leading a schooling institution and plan to update and straighten your project based educative vision on your site, in your class, lead a conference, have a party, a Christening ceremony, an open lecture or speech, a new workshop, hope I’m invited.

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My comfort zone is in schools, libraries or book shops, church, educational camps, educational events, natural outdoor activities, festivals, parties, conferences, Olympiads or any daily classroom or learning activities on the schoolyard or in a business center. 


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Call me at 0742028118 and together we can improve your European, National or Local Educational Project with genuine concept, text and image.   

On facebook you can find me here: 

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