See emotions! This is what you are!

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This page is dedicated to the process of warm learning.

Here you can enjoy pictures of teachers and parents who deliberately assume didactic activities with toddlers and young learners, students, other parents or colleagues, from simple rural educators to public role-model contemporary personalities. 

My photos offer guidance, teach visually how instructive, factual and informative roles we are assuming while teaching and learning are fitting perfectly in a dynamic process of conscious skills achievement. Enjoy while visiting our wonderful outcomes of teaching activities and methods, whether you are a parent or a teacher.

Educational events photography has conscious players. It encompasses a philosophy of teaching and visual teaching in real time frames.

For better understanding, my frames have a vision, enrich constructive teaching. Constructivist teaching is based on the belief that learning occurs as learners are actively involved in a process of meaning and knowledge construction rather than passively receiving information and that learners are the makers of meaning and knowledge.

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Constructivism is a view of learning based on the belief that knowledge isn’t a thing that can be simply given by the teacher sitting in  front of the room to students. Rather, knowledge is constructed by learners through an active, mental process of development. The change in focus of instruction from the transmission curriculum to a transactional curriculum nowadays has also passed in the parenting practices.

Constructivist parenting fosters critical thinking and creates active and motivated learners. The attributes of constructivist teachers and parents are learner-centered in a democratic environment and the learners are those who hypothesize, question, investigate, imagine and invent; learners who reflect and make associations with prior knowledge to reach new understandings.

 How we teach should originate from how students learn. And pictures do reveal how they learn, if they grow strong, positive and healthy emotionally, if they cooperate, make friends, negotiate conflicts, if they develop strong perspective-taking skills, and treat other people with fairness and compassion. 

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Dear promoters of educational acts and events,  ask yourselves while watching my photos:  “As they look around today, what do children see?” It sounds simple, and it is. Give your child a picture while doing something, for example pictures in the class, in the park, skiing or sledging, skating or cooking, at a party while playing or dancing, hiking, swimming or laughing in the rain… Then, read them the story with emotional content behind it, and have kids talk about it afterwards. So do you. Reflect on your own experiences, learn about individual differences and the way people react constructively to the world and discover who you are, what makes your story visual and unique. Write a story, develop a program! Envision! Teach! Inspire! Let them see you! 

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