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Pleased to meet you in person, Oana Moraru! Thank you for such a relaxed atmosphere and speech. That is why my photos are awesome! Greetings to the organizers’ effort to make your work visual here in Cluj! I think you are a great teacher and your blueprint in the educational field is more real and viral than your voice once you’ve decided to share with us your vision and experience.

Conferinţă educaţională “Noua pedagogie a minții și a inimii pentru părinți și dascăli”, DIALOGUL TRANSFORMĂRII, 21 aprilie 2018, Cinema “Dacia”, Cluj-Napoca

Credit foto: www.florinarussu.ro Întreg albumul foto aici: https://www.facebook.com/pg/wwww.florinarussu.ro/photos/?tab=album&album_id=205559289470447

Do you remember being shot?

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In a world of continuous change, future schools will not look the same as we see them today. Both parents and teachers change our direction from standardized testing, teaching, parenting techniques, visual images and spatial symbols and acquisition tools lead to DIVERGENT TEACHING AND THINKING.

Divergent thinking is an essential capacity for creativity-the process of having original ideas that have value. It is ability to see lots of possible answers to a question. We teach them how to BELIEVE in their self-interest, self-appreciation.

Oana Moraru, www.voceaparintilor.ro, teacher for 20 years now, such a calm and feminine presence, held an educational conference based on academic studies sustaining that success has its root in stages ( aware parents of the golden age of children, first 1000 days in a child progress 0-2 followed by 2-6, 6-12 and 12-18) and how quick we are able to shift our children’s pyramidal potential to divergent thinking.

 At a point I started to really like her annoyingly calm presence when I had my Proustian moment (everybody had at least one, my pictures envisions them). Oana asked the audience if one ever happens to be shot by children on the street, cause she is often shot on the street. And then I remembered my madeleine was never a cookie, it was a gun memory, warm and funny however…


I think I was only 12 and the twins were 8… Emanuel and Emanuela, engaged in a battlefield in the house, playing hide and seek with dad’s real gun, which appeared from “nowhere” *that is another story- at the scene of a “robbery”. Dad always locked his police officer safe-deposit box, but we found the keys and unlocked it. Fortunately, the bullets were hidden in another place, otherwise my dad certainly would have been real dead by now. We faced him at the entrance:

 “Don’t move! Put your hands on your head!”

And we were so serious that my dad fainted on the hall, probably as he fainted before being shot for real in ’89 at the Revolution in Bucharest. This dead fainting of my father and the complicity of the gang, including mum, teacher even at home, who realized the danger of having a gun in our hands and on the spur of the moment entered the game as our divine accomplice who must take the gun to “clean it” so as the policeman once awake to look for us in our rooms doing homework, swearing by all odds that this is his last day in the local police department because the future generation of robbers is too smart to be caught anyway.

This particularly funny memory is forever a referee of stories and gambling emotions, a story invented and reinvented at every wedding in the family, almost at every family reunion. I am shot sometimes at school, I must admit. If I am shot, I faint, and I “faint” so spectacular, theatrical and engaged, children take one, two steps ahead to check if the “teacher” is fine, is she needs some water, if she is pregnant again. And we laugh and and connect to the classroom vibe, their inner natural energy of discovery and progress.

 Lucky me, I take TEACHING SERIOUSLY, not school. Because I must agree, school in Romania is old, with top students but topless valuable information, abusive in formative papers and dogma, unfriendly parents. I treat parents and children as my partners in crime. Children are multidimensional, they are not a mark, a grade and the result of a test, they are what they read, what sort of music they listen, what friends they choose, what they eat and what they say they are and they want to do, what their teacher preaches.

We all assist how the system “faints”. Children are not afraid of the teachers and educators anymore, because fear, grasp and anxious teaching do not work anymore.

Most Romanian teachers are assertive, unsocial, awesome on paper, abusive, artificial. If the parents and teacher still apply grills and tables and numbers, diplomas of how the child is a top ten student, always in their seat and attentive, a beautiful handwriting, then it is wrong!

Vertical Education, out of motivational consciousness and horizontal updated information produces zero heroes! Few teachers are flexible, and offer a wide variety of activities in 50 minutes/class. If you think your child is fed up with that teacher or school, move! Change perspective and help your child reach a healthy divergent thinking. If your instinct says something is wrong, move spaces, people, and schools, nobody died if you do this, only the dead ones!

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Parents must know that in the actual context of parenting bloom, the first 1000 days and the golden age of the early childhood is fundamentally connected to the core of the energy, role models delivered by family. When synergic parents have the sense of success understood as personal fulfillment and a great self-esteem for finding their own vocation, a sense of good and empowerment towards life, then the magic happens! “Dance” with your children, combine movements of body, desire, impulse, intuition and vocation. Future is always changing, we do not have the same algorithms of success (good grades, best teachers, best school, wonderful university diploma, job) but we can settle them in movement by understanding what we, as parents, can do for them: stepping gradually backwards, let their emotional values forward in trust, look at them trust-worthily, open the inner house of heart fullness empowerment.


Retreat and failure appear when we tend to control and shoot the wrong opponent! At the highest peak of pyramidal development is divergent thinking in the shape of creativity and vocation.

 Setting the limits for success is offering access to diverse and innovative supplements, formal and informal activities, but also enough space for ROUTINE AND BOREDOM. While being bored, the children can meet with their inner self. The meeting is by far the one that mirrors the power to reinvent himself when is defeated, the sounds of silence enlightens personality relish and self calling. In this silence the child finds roots to rock the world!

Saturday, 4th of March, 2017, Oana Moraru, Transylvania College, spoke in front of 100 parents, teachers, educators and educational promoters about “Școala de ieri, copilul de azi și lumea de maine”.


Imagini: www.florinarussu.ro


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