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 Teacher/Writer/Mother of three/Visual Educational Consultant 

Dedicated and energetic English Teacher and Educational Consultant, 12 years’ extensive experience in kindergarten, gymnasium and high school classes. I taught English and Universal Literature to mixed classes, children aged between 3 –18.

I have the ability to use literature, stories, humor and imagination in classroom settings so as to encourage constructive teaching and its philosophy of learning among students. A Scorpio artist by nature, but able to get along with both work colleagues, pupils and senior managers, currently looking to continue my career as a classroom teacher and complete it with that of facilitating educational consultancy also. Being a mother of three made me realize what a great connection must be between parents, school and children. So, I decided to take them photos in the process of skills achievement and visualize more of this connection. I can assure you that my photography envisions emotions, emotions felt when playing, learning, teaching and parenting. Watching my work makes you (*for sure made me) more aware of who we really are, what do we really have to learn/teach and why the educational process is such a complex relationship.

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2003-2007 Bachelor’s degree in English and Universal Literature, Faculty of Letters ,,Babeş-Bolyai”  University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania;

2007-2008  Master’s Degree History of Images. History of ideas ,  ,,Babeş-Bolyai”  University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania;

2005-2009 Political Sciences , College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, ,,Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania;

2009/2019 -Permanent Teacher Certification, ISJ CLUJ;

2017/2019-Educational Event Photographer;

2019- Visual Educational Consultant.

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Writer- Short story writer/Editor for a few National Publishing Houses;

English Teacher at ISJ CLUJ, from 2007 – Present;

Educational Consultant, Photographer for Educational Events and Visual Educational Promoter, from 2017-Present.

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  1. Teacher

 “N.Bălcescu” Theoretical High-School, Cold Mountain Secondary School, Sports High School,  Cluj-Napoca.

  1. Photographer and Educational Consultant for National or International Educational Promoters or Institutions

(Some notables examples would be: Oana Moraru, The Woman.ro, Otilia Mantelers, Happy Mom.ro România, ISJ Cluj-CETA, Adoption Day Cluj-Napoca, Photographed Guided tours in Botanical Gardens-Cluj and Jibou, Photographed Guided tours for kids in Castles and Archaeological sites, Dacian Fortresses in Romania, 1st of December National Day parade-Alba-Iulia, Simona Epure-Cosul cu pisici, Citimsieducam.ro, Exploratoriu.com-Muzeul jucăriilor, Andreea Raicu, Dominica Petrovai-Mind Education Health, Transylvania College, Animaart.ro, Isabela Ioana Buduşan-Descoperirea Copilului, Hand in Hand National Parenting Expert, Ioana Chicet Macoveiciuc (Prinţesa Urbană)-Bucureşti, Diana Lupşa-Brand Developer Braşov, Mihaela Noroc-The Atlas of Beauty, Sanda Nicola, Bianca Sharma-The right job.ro, Bianca Mereuţă- Ce citim copiilor, Urban Mirror-Cluj, Away Club-Aerobic and Zumba for Moms and their fit kids, Gaşca Zurli, Oana Pellea, Maia Morgenstern, Delfinariu Romania-Constanţa, Cartemma Publishing House-Baia Mare, International Theatre Festival-Sibiu, Ballet and Opera shows for children-Cluj, Cantacuzino Art Exhibitions-Buşteni,  Peleş Castle Tours for Children-Sinaia, LollyBoom Cluj, MondoEvents, CalendarulMagic.ro, International Humor and Cartoon Festivals- Alba Iulia and Aiud, Aviatic Shows-Turda, Skiing Contests-Predeal, Christening Family Events, School Festivals, Martial Art or Gymnastics Olympiads,  Launching Literature Books for parents, teachers and children, Parenting and Teaching  International and  National Conferences.)

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Aesthetic sense made me a good eye for texture, space, design and color balance, according to emotions spotted. I also have a great understanding of conventional and digital photography, experience in computer-aided photographic software and I ensure genuine text and personalised educational image to all schools, institutions, entrepreneurs and family projects in need.